Standard Search

All fields are searched by default in a standard search and you should see results with audio in English, Gaelic and Scots where available.

When you enter a word in the search box you have the option to choose from the drop-down menu the language of recorded audio you want. You should then click the Search arrow/button.

Keywords can also include people's names, place names and School of Scottish Studies reference numbers.

Searching for People

When searching for an exact name, the entire name should be enclosed in "double quotes" e.g "Murdo Nicolson". 'Single quotes' are treated as apostrophes. A search for Murdo Nicolson (without double quotes) will produce results for every item where the names Murdo and/or Nicolson appear.

Searching by Place Name

When you enter a place name the results given may include items recorded in that place, items where that place is mentioned in the track and items where that place is listed as the contributor's or reporter's area of origin or association.

Searching by School of Scottish Studies Reference Numbers

School of Scottish reference numbers should be expressed as three digits after the date e.g. SA1956.070 and not SA1956.70

Search terms are not case sensitive which means the use of capital letters is not important, with the exception of "AND, OR and NOT" which have special meanings as outlined below.

Examples of searches:

Search term: Retrieves all individual records containing...
Sea sea, Sea, SEA etc
Sea* Sea, Seas, Season, Search etc.
Car OR Tree Either the word Car or the word Tree
Car NOT Tree The word Car but not the word Tree
Car AND Tree Both the word Car and the word Tree
"little song" These words as a complete phrase

Note that unless you specify OR or NOT explicitly between words or phrases, the word AND is automatically inserted. Therefore, the following two search terms will produce the same results:
Car AND Tree
Car Tree

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