The ghost of a Saracen girl, murdered by a knight whom she f...

Title - The ghost of a Saracen girl, murdered by a knight whom she f...
Contributors - Stanley Robertson
Reporters - Barbara McDermitt

Summary - The ghost of a Saracen girl, murdered by a knight whom she followed home, haunts Maryculter.

Stanley Robertson introduces a Traveller story, based on fact and dating to the 12th-14th centuries, called 'The Green Lady of the River Dee' or 'The Saracen Maiden'. When camping on Deeside, his mother would tell him the local lore.

Green as the colour of a ghost is an indication of a violent death or of the vicinity of a river. The Knights Templar lived under oath and fought the pagans in Turkey and elsewhere. In a battle against the Saracens, one Christian knight was left behind badly wounded. His life was saved by the daughter of one of the slain chiefs, who fell in love with him. The knight returned to Scotland, promising to send for the girl in a year if she converted to Christianity. When he failed to send for her, the girl made the long journey to Scotland on her own. The knight didn't want the other knights to know that he was living in sin with her, so he murdered her and buried her body by the River Dee. His crime was found out and he was hanged. To this day her ghost haunts the River Dee near Maryculter. Many Travellers have seen her there, and also boy scouts camping in Templars Park.

There is some discussion of how such a ghost could be laid to rest. Stanley mentions the posthumous baptism practised by his [Mormon] church. He associates this story with the Maiden Stone near the Chapel of Garioch. Mention of a published version of the story and discussion of the time period.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:16:02
Date Recorded - 1982.02.13
Date of Content - 1100 to 1399
Language - English
Genre - Story, Information
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 50127
Original Tape ID - SA1982.026
Original Track ID - SA1982.26.1
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Item Location:
  County - Kincardineshire
  Parish - Maryculter

Item Notes - The Maiden Stone is a Pictish symbol stone with a cross on one side and pagan symbols on the other.

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