The Packman

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Title - The Packman
Alternate Title - Wild Gallowa
Contributors - Sam Smith
Reporters - Jo Miller; Steve Sutcliffe

Summary - In this song, a shepherd from Galloway goes to Grimsby to try his hand at being a packman. Though he is treated well by the boss at first, he quickly becomes homesick, and discovers that the job is not as easy or as profitable as he had thought. He decides to return to Galloway, and warns other young men against trying the packman lifestyle.

Sam Smith recites some words, plays the melody (on the fiddle), then sings a fragment of the song. His father sang this and many Irish songs, but didn't write them down. Irish workers came over to work at the harvest, and would exchange songs. Mention of Sam's family farm at Kirkcowan.

Track Duration (h:m:s) - 00:04:46
Date Recorded - 1987.10.21
Language - English, Gaelic, Scots, Other
Genre - Music, Song, Information
Collection - School of Scottish Studies

Track ID - 86828
Original Tape ID - SA1987.087
Original Track ID - SA1987.87.A2a; SA1987.87.A2b; SA1987.87.A2c
Audio Quality - Good
Audio Format - R2R

Classification - R11262;

Item Location:
  Village - Galloway

Item Notes - Published in 'Frae the Heather' by Thomas Murray of Moorbrock, Carsphairn parish, Kirkcudbright. The song was composed by his son George Murray, who had been a packman in Grimsby before returning home to Galloway and enlisting in the Army, later fighting in the Boer War.
'Tocher' 41 (1987-1988) pp. 333-335
'Frae the Heather' (T. Murray, 1897) pp. 29-30
'Come Gie's a Sang' (S. Douglas, 1995) pp. 34-35

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