Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

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Toradh an Rannsachaidh

Betsy Bell

Fad a' Chlàir: 0:00:46

  • Cànan:
  • Albais

Seòrsa: Òran

Cruinneachadh: SOSS

Àite Clàraidh

  • Siorrachd - Siorrachd Obar Dheathain
  • Paraiste - Old Deer
  • Baile/Àite - Fetterangus

Àireamh a' Chlàir: 22172

Àireamh an Teip Thùsail: SA1960.144

Àireamh a' Chlàir Thùsail: SA1960.144.B4

Càileachd an Fhuaime: Math

Cruth Inneal a' Chlàir: Teip “reel to reel”

Notaichean a' Chlàir: 2 verses of 4 lines. Usually, in the remainder of the song, Betsy meets Janet Cooke, an old woman married three times before, and with a fondness for the bottle; learning that Janet is to be married again, Betsy asks why, if such a woman can find a man, she cannot. She closes by asking if any man present is looking for a wife, and describing her skills.

'Songs and Ballads of Dundee' (N. Gatherer, 1986, 2000) p. 88
'Till Doomsday in the Afternoon' (E. MacColl & P. Seeger, 1986) pp. 265-266

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