Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

Tobar an Dualchais Kist O Riches

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Toradh an Rannsachaidh

Cholla Mo Rùin

Fad a' Chlàir: 0:02:45

  • Cànan:
  • Gàidhlig

Seòrsa: Òran

Cruinneachadh: SOSS

Àireamh a' Chlàir: 98755

Àireamh an Teip Thùsail: SA1954.154

Àireamh a' Chlàir Thùsail: SA1954.154.B1_B6

Càileachd an Fhuaime: Math

Cruth Inneal a' Chlàir: Teip “reel to reel”

Notaichean a' Chlàir: This song is associated with a pibroch sometimes called the 'The Piper's Warning to His Master'. The pibroch, and the words of this song, are linked with a story which tells how Colla MacDonald (Colkitto/Colla Ciotach) was saved by his piper, who played this tune as a warning to his master to stay away from the castle, as his enemies were waiting there for his arrival. According to the story, the piper lost his life as a result of his action.

'Ancient Piobaireachd' (David Glen) p. 113/tune 38

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